Thes 5 Indicators of China vs India comparison can motivate Indians

40 Years back India and China was almost at same stage in terms of income. In fact India was richer than China by 40% on per capita income. Chinese President Deng initiated economic reforms from year 1980. Today China is world’s largest economy and trying to become superpower.

Check the 5 parameters mentioned in this article in Times Of India,

  1. GDP –  India 2.7 Trillion USD vs  13.6 Trillion USD
  2. Education & Urbanization –
  3. Poverty headcount
  4. Health of people
  5. Industrial power

Currently we are struggling economically due to pandemic and lockdown.  However history has shown that most of the countries have shown improved performed after any such calamities.  LAC situation has triggered wave against China. The indicators mentioned should motivate us to do far better than what we are doing till now. 

What we need is clear targets, infrastructure and most important favourable Government policies.

Thanks Times Of India for publishing this article on 28th June 2020.

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