Am I eligible for PMP?

Blog_Am I eligible for PMP

I often get this query from students interested in PMP Certfication.

Let me explain as how you yourself can check whether you are eligible for PMP.

As per PMI requirement, person with a graduate degree and with minimum 3 years of experience equivalent to 4500 hours and Diploma holder with 5 years experience equivalent to 7500 hours is eligible for PMP examination.

Now next doubt is for the person who was not involved in any green field project for the 3 or 5 years. Doubt is ‘Am I still eligible?’

Friends, remember definition of project – ‘Its temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result’.

So are you involved in any time bound unique output with series of tasks and multiple stakeholders?

Few examples are:

  • You are working on a support project and you are given task to reduce any particular repetitive issue or ticket on time bound manner
  • You are given task of cost reduction in a given targeted time
  • Are you given task of completing particular construction target on time bound manner

Well, all these are projects. If you have completed such time bound targets and time spent is 3 years or more then you can certainly apply for PMP.

If not, you can always apply for CAPM examination, which is also based on same curriculum – PMBOK Book.

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